Twins / Sibling Mystery Kids Subscription Box


If you would like to order this as a monthly rolling subscription box please click here. You can cancel this at any time.

Do you have 2 children or twins? Would you like to order a subscription box but feel like the price of 2 is too much?

Well why not order a Mojo Fred's Kids Mystery Box? This is one box aimed at siblings between the ages of 3 and 12 years old and has double the goodies of a standard Fred's Mystery Box.

This new kids mystery monthly box is filled with at least 16 awesome items, and is suitable for children aged between 3 and 12 years old.

Every month will be different, but the subscription boxes will always include:

·       Age Appropriate Reading Book x 2

·       Trading Cards x 2

·      Fred's Box Pencil x 2

·       8 x Design your own Postcards

·       2 x Mojo Box sticker

For children aged between 3 and 5 your subscription box will always also include:

  • Arts and Crafts goodies
  • Plus between 2 and 5 mystery gifts each
For children over the age of 5 your subscription boxes will always also include:

The subscription boxes are fairly gender neutral, but we have added a girl and a boy choice, this is purely for the mystery gifts (in a girl box for example there could be a hair clip). If you would like a mix of jewellery and hair products along with superheroes and Star Wars that is absolutely fine, please just message us if you have an exact requirement.

The mystery box for children under the age of 5 will only include products appropriate and recommended for the age range, and will not include fidget spinners or Ooshies.

If you order here you will receive only one box as this is not on a rolling subscription, if you would like to order a monthly subscription box please order here. This is a Paypal monthly subscription and you can cancel it at anytime. 

What do our customers think?

"I think its the ideal travel companion for plane or train journeys to keep the kids occupied and I will consider buying it in the future for my sons mates. Now that we are not local  and might not be able to attend every body's birthday party a Fred's Box would make the perfect surprise present coming through the post!"  AK Cunningham