To bring joy to small faces with letterbox sized packages of fun, a new monthly subscription box.

Medium Fred's Box - 6 Ooshies


If you would like to order this on a monthly rolling subscription please click here. You can cancel this at any time.

We will send 6 Ooshies, a Fred's Box Pencil, 2 x design your own postcards for you to draw on (and send to friends and family - or send us one back we'd just love it) and a sticker in each box.

Collect all of your favourite characters and look out for the rare & limited edition Ooshies!

Fred's Box will never send you the same Ooshie twice and we stock all packs so if you order enough you should be able to get all 40 of each theme! There are lots of themes to chose from and we will add to these as soon as they become available. 

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