To bring joy to small faces with letterbox sized packages of fun, a new monthly subscription box.

Check out photos of our happy customers with their Fred's Boxes, we think you'll all agree they look very happy with them. Why not send in your photos too to appear here either tag us on social media or email them. You could also send us a postcard back with your very own design, please message us for our address. 

**Every other month you will chose your favourite photo / postcard and send a special treat to the winner. The next happy customer will be announced on 30th August 2017** 

These are the photos for the June 2017 competition, and I am pleased to announce that with 55% of your votes on social media you chose picture number 9. 

This is the happy customer collage for March 2017 and the winner is the girl on the top row on the right hand side.